Karin Drucker ('10) is featured in an article highlighting her work in the Bay Area.  


Jena Karim ('01) Talks About Her Work on International Elections

The Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics (OIEP) has been instrumental to my work on international elections. After gaining some international management and civil society experience in South and Central Asia with a humanitarian assistance organization, I moved into international elections assistance in Afghanistan for the 2009 and 2010 election cycles

 It was a challenging opportunity, given the widespread fraud, continued insurgency and a dearth of customized and conflict-sensitive voter and civic education. In responding to these challenges and working with the Independent Election Commission (IEC), I drew heavily from the OIEP’s academic and practical components. 

The knowledge I gained in electoral operations/management, targeting and public outreach were directly applied to strategic planning for the IEC, developing new frameworks for civic and voter education and designing programs to promote political participation as an electoral fraud mitigation measure. 

OIEP has been invaluable because it provided an understanding of elections beyond administration. It made us view elections as processes and not just events. These processes have an impact on developing civil societies beyond just eliciting a vote, but can contribute to effective representation and good governance.

 Julia Vogl ('05) Connects Government Spending to Art

Although now working on a Master of Fine Arts degree, Julia Vogl ('05) is still heavily invested in politics.  She recently interviewed 1000 people across London, asking them how they would allocate public finances.  She then used the data to create massive roller blinds for each category of spending.  Each blind was adjusted daily to represent changes in public opinion.  For more information, see


Meagan Holman ('98) won a seat on the Milwaukee School Board with 67% of the vote.  Congratulations, Meagan!

Ezra Temko ('05) has been re-elected to Newark, DE city council.  Ezra is Delaware's youngest elected official.


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